Federal Hill Tours

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"Dedicated to my grandchildren, so that they never forget their heritage".......and continue

Since 1886 Federal Hill in Providence has been the center for the Italian Immigration settlers. Our walking tours provide you with the most real-life experience and in-depth discovery of the life, customs, and social fabric of the area. Chef Walter Potenza is the foremost expert and historian on Federal Hill. Immerse yourself into the everyday living of one the most respected "Little Italy" in North America. While you are here visit the Federal Hill Heritage Center or Italian Heritage Center. You will be pleasantly rewarded by the knowledge and the people you meet. Ciao

Join Master Chef and Historian, Walter Potenza, in the discovery of great foods and the history of Federal Hill in Providence. Our Premiere Food Tour will take you to must-see locations where you will be sampling Cheeses, Charcuterie, and Antipasti while receiving a presentation on ingredients in the repertoire of Italian Cookery. You will also learn food terminology, product information, how to shop, recipes, and anything that may be of interest in expanding your culinary horizon. Throughout the walking event, you will meet the people who make it possible for Federal Hill to be recognized as a food and historical destination in the USA.